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Fourth Street Live! is conveniently located on 4th Street in the heart of historic downtown Louisville.
VALET PARKING is located at the intersection of Muhammad Ali Boulevard and 4th Street. PUBLIC PARKING is conveniently located at the Fourth Street Live! garage. The garage is adjacent to Fourth Street Live! on Fifth Street between Muhammad Ali and Liberty. Additional parking is offered at the Seelbach Garage, Hyatt Garage, and Starks Garage. Just a short walk to KFC Yum! Center.

FREE parking is available Monday through Thursday after 6pm and all day Sunday

Parking Garage transient rates:

0-15 min: Free

15min-1hr: $3

1hr-2hr: $5

2hr-4hr: $8

4hr+: $12

Early Bird: $8 (in before 8a, out by 6p)

Monthy Parking:

Non-reserved: $100

Reserved: $125

After 6pm parking:

Non-event night: $3

Event night: $5-10

For monthly parking register here: www.towneparkpermit.com

**Rates may change on special event nights**